See Lemniscate's ship in 3D!


We've uploaded a new model to Sketchfab: now you can see the game's ship in 3D!

You can click on the annotations to take a simple tour, but you can also explore it yourself. We recommend using the first person control mode for this, and adjust the walk speed with the mouse wheel, or else you'll fly right through the ship.

This model isn't exactly like the in-game map -  we had to leave most of the props so we could upload it to Sketchfab. We've halved texture sizes, left some out, but it might still be tough for SF's engine to display it in a browser. It's still amazing what this engine can do in a browser window.
The rooms' shapes and sizes were exported directly from UE4 BSPs, so until we release the game, this is the closest you can get to exploring the ship.

In other news, our Greenlight campaign is progressing fairly well, considering we suck at marketing. Seriously. We've visited forums and wrote posts to get more votes, but I guess we're not pushy enough to be successful marketers. Also, there are a lot of people who want to talk to us and who we need to talk to, and it's wearing us both out. We're not very good at social situations either, so instead of feeling tired because of 14-hour days, we feel tired because we had to talk to three people in a single day instead of just one. Oh, the struggle.

Keep the votes flowing!


OuterLine: Lemniscate

Good news!

We've finally launched our Greenlight campaign. You can vote for us here

So the final name of Project Blind is OL: Lemniscate.
To be honest, we wanted to do a flashier reveal of the OL abbreviation's true meaning, but... it's not flashy. It stands for OuterLine. It's basically the universe which we have created that houses all of our game ideas (for now). So, due to financial constraints and to our limited experience with game development, it so happened that Lemniscate will be our first released game - after it got through Greenlight (so, please!).

We've also changed our team name to ExceptionGate, and changed the blog title accordingly. And created a new Facebook page. And now we're hoping our likers will slowly trickle over to it. wink wink

The last few weeks were a mess of trying to properly record footage from Unreal 4 and video editing. In the final days we chose to record footage with the built-in matinee recorder, but that makes gameplay really hard so there are some lower quality clips in the trailer from earlier screen recordings. Also, we're not good at trailers. (actually we've figured it out: it's magic, and we're muggles) We've managed to leave out most of the gameplay we've implemented from the video. We still hope it catches some people's eyes and makes them read the description and take a look at our gifs. Seriously, we're better at making gif posts. Just look at the gif posts. Don't judge from the trailer.

Anyways... we're considering crowdfunding. We're short on money, and currently this project doesn't generate any profit. Using free software means we don't have to pay for licenses, but even with minimal expenses.. we have to eat something. The downside of crowdfunding is that taxes are ridiculous.

And now it's the middle of the night, so we're going to sleep. In the next few days, I'll sit back, relax and watch the votes flow in. Hopefully. oh crap, I have finals And Geril's going to work on a Sketchfab model for the Greenlight campaign. Because he's a workaholic.

The new model for Lemniscate, of course, will fit right in with our previous works in our Sketchfab gallery. Such colorful and bouncy.... spaceship. Yeah.