Happy Halloween!

You can view our Halloween 3D comic here:

No Rest for the Wicked by ProjectOL on Sketchfab

Can you find all the hidden secrets?

We spent a huge amount of time working on this comic alone (more than half of October). It's not our best comic, and has as much to do with Halloween as a rotting pumpkin in the morning sunlight. Anyways, we tried.

Because no one is going to find the hidden things in the comic (and our previous comics...), I'll just tell you outright: There are hidden things. There are invisible things. Use the view settings to find them.

Working with a deadline (because of the contest) meant that we frequently missed sleep and any other opportunities that came up - no free time, no social life. We planned way too big for such a short time. I can't really say it was worth it, because the comic is rushed. More time could have led to a better quality comic, and better overall mental and health condition for the two of us. Needless to say, we didn't win anything. (if we did, maybe I wouldn't feel like I wasted half a month of my life)

We remade all four of our characters for this, as you could see in the previous post. Eslie really needs to be redone, the mesh has been through a lot of engines and changes, and at this point, it's more of a mess than a mesh. So we're going to redo her as soon as possible.

Blender has been especially cruel to us, causing random errors, not saving morph targets and such. Exporting and uploading to Sketchfab took us maybe 6 hours in total. (midnight - 6AM)

Sorry about the tone, lack of sleep doesn't exactly make me a happy person.

This is our last comic for a while, because the large amount of time we spent on this could have been better used on actually developing the game. We will continue making comics in the future, but for now, we're working on a playable demo.

Cheers, spooks, ghosts, whatever goes today-

And 'Happy' Day of the Dead for those of us not celebrating Halloween (Visiting graves and mourning instead of trick or treating? ...niiiice)


Ready for Halloween?

We've entered Sketchfab's Halloween contest, and we're working hard on our entry.
Wish us luck! Here are our characters in their glorious Halloween costumes
(these models will be featured in our upcoming 3D comic):


Progress, hard work!


We are properly progressing in the development of Project OLP, FINALLY. This week we got lots of things done, like equipping and picking up weapons, and playing proper animations on slopes (and slowing down and speeding up according to the slope's angle). Also we're working on a new map.

Here are some pics and gifs:

The map

Slope blendspace:


See you next time!