Hey, it's Geril.

Okay, so a lot of stuff happened in the previous weeks, but we'll write about those in a later post. There is some paid work in our future.

Lussy finished her finals and got the best grade possible. For her  exam, she presented some of OLP's assets which were quite unique compared to the average works presented there.

This is about it, see you next time!


Oh man, it almost slipped my mind..


The funniest thing is, we were looking at the Greenlight page last night and talking about how it might take some months for us to get greenlit (we were at 35%). Then this morning, an e-mail came that it happened. It was unusually easy to get out of bed afterwards.

The only question remaining is how to release the game legally while still making a profit. Regardless, we're happy that we made it even with our abysmal marketing skills.

A big thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this!

(we're working on the tutorial for the dynamic normal maps, but we're doing lots of other things, too, so please, be patient)