Finally: The fourth player character!


Guess what! We're finished with all of our player characters, at last. Introducing Sal:

He's a stout, and he's the most playful and light-hearted of the characters. He loves collecting things, so he occupies quite a lot of space during their adventures.
Since all of the main characters are done, we are going to get started on building levels, along with making all the animations the characters need for movement. (Geril's doing most of the animations, I (Lussy) am doing the background objects so I can get better at 3D modeling)

We also tried out Sketchfab's new feature: uploading animations! This feature is going to come in handy, because this way, we don't have to make videos to show you guys animations, and you can even rotate the models while watching. A big thanks to all of Sketchfab's staff for making our life easier!

You can view the animation here: