The 3rd playable character: Beat!


It's been a long time, again. We've been working hard on creating the remaining two player characters. The first one to be completed was the Beatrice, the mouse:

She's not the best fighter, but she's into science and medicine. You've already seen her in a comic, but now she finally has a 3D body, too.

We were experimenting with her hair for quite a while before we got to this point. We mostly used hair meshes until now, so making strands work properly was something new. Unreal 4 helped with that. The other challenge was the tail: it still appears a bit... crooked. It's not broken though! It just needs a lot of bones...
For the skin texture, I tried out Blender's texture paint for the first time, and it made texturing a lot easier. I only did touch-ups in Gimp, when it was almost complete. (By the way, Geril did the 3D model and textures for the clothes, Lussy made the face and body textures, where skin is showing)

(These in-progress pictures were made with Blender's cycles render)

We were working on the two remaining characters simultaneously, so this means you can look forward to seeing the final character really soon! After that, we can hopefully concentrate on game mechanics and level design. I'm especially looking forward to making multiplayer work.

Until then!