Remaking old stuff!

So after last month, we continued working on Project OLP.

Our current concept of OLP is heavily based on this GDC video by David Rosen (we highly recommend checking this out!).

We've created our player character's movement animations by hooking up poses only and blending them from blueprints. The only actual animation sequence we used was the idle animation.

And her tail and ears are physically active.
We've also cleaned the project out of all outdated assets and code and started almost from scratch with all the experience we've gained since we last worked on this. It's kind of cathartic to be able to start it all over and have development go so much faster and smoother.

We're almost caught up with all the features that were present in the original project, only now they work better and the Tick event isn't as badly overused as it used to be (still looking for ways to optimize blueprints, though).

(Sorry about the last frames of the gifs, our capture software likes to mess things up as it stops capturing. Also, I'd like to note that it's impossible to arrange inserted pictures in this editor.)

Now that we could actually create some gameplay elements as opposed to only being able to move the character around, we've been creating pickup objects that can be used for combat, or as usable items. Geril is modeling all sorts of random things that players will be able to throw at each other when they don't have a weapon equipped. You'll be able to pick up most objects you see, and even destroy things to make more objects for yourself – if a wall shatters, you'll be able to take the bricks and throw them at your opponent. Different objects will have different properties and special effects: for example, a glass vial will shatter, leaving shards behind that will hurt whoever walks into them.

You can expect more to come in relation to this, we're kind of on a roll here.