Happy Holidays!


This time we're wishing you happy holidays a little in advance. We've realized that our time is a lot better spent working on the actual game at this point, rather than on events and such. If we do end up creating something more holiday-related, we'll post later, but for now, enjoy the morph target and lip-sync test video of Sal (we didn't have any song ideas for Beat yet).

We have separated the detailed facial animation (rendered in Blender's Cycles render), and the full body animation. The full body one is less detailed, it mostly just uses major keyframes, jumping from one major pose to the other. This is only to see what his movement style would be like.

All of this was made in about 3 days (and the face took another 3 days to render....), and it helped us a lot in adjusting morph targets, and getting a general idea of Sal's style.

Speaking of animations...
Sketchfab finally added morph target support (even for stupid ones like ours that are bone-based)! We tried uploading Beat with a bunch of her animations, to check it out:

You can see the list of animations by clicking on the button next to the seeker bar.Our only remaining issue is not being able to use Beat's eyes (which are texture based), so she just stares into nothingness.

We hope you still like it!

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