This month has probably been the busiest we've had yet. We'll just avoid telling you about how much we've worked, day and night, with no breaks in-between, every day of the month. It was exhausting.

So, we'll show you some good things instead! As few as they are.

First, we've been 3D printing a lot! Our most impressive prints yet, in our opinion, are two small figures of Max from Sam & Max, Season 1.

It's a rip of Max's mesh from the Telltale series that we've posed and edited for printing. We still have to figure out a way to properly remove the supports from the print, but we're getting there.

In other news, we've made this scene public:

This is Frey from Fisheye Placebo, the same model from our Frey Underground fanart, lipsyncing to a voice clip by VisualRaid from their dub of Fisheye Placebo. This has been done for a while now (we participated in Sketchfab's beta for sounds), but we could only make it public after Sketchfab's sound feature was made public. Hooray for Sketchfab Sound!

Sorry if this embed breaks the whole blog. Sound on Sketchfab is still a new thing, and we've experienced problems with embedded files with sound.

See you again next month! Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!

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