Or at least it's...well, we uploaded a working game trailer. Although it probably raises more questions about the game than it answers, right?

The video was recorded with the UDK. It wasn't easy, however, we managed. Then came the editing part and we lost many lives on the battlefield. 
By Wednesday we had every scene for our game's trailer ready, but we just couldn't deal with the video editing software that crashed, didn't cooperate or the output video lost its quality. So after hours of useless rendering and low-quality previews, we got the final video... not something we're very proud of, but a promise is a promise and we uploaded our game trailer for that reason.

Not to worry, as we asked our proofreader and hero, Maffy, to make use of her awesome video-editing skills to help us out. So you can expect the same video in much better quality soon.

The next couple of times you can expect in-game footages and explanations of gameplay elements, and of course the regular posts we've had 'till now. The in-game footages will take much less time to make (and will probably be un-edited). We realized that video editing isn't our strong point yet, but we can show you a natural view of the game too.

Have a nice day!

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