Short post: Writing system

Hi, I'm Lussy.

In this really small post, I'd like to talk about another thing we're planning on putting in the game: a writing system. Since creating a whole language for the game would take way too much time, we decided to only create a writing system. I'm the one who's working on it, because I love learning and studying languages.

There's going to be two versions of this system; a simpler version that almost everyone can learn (although the analphabetism rate is high in the game's world), and a more complex version, used only by a few well-educated people.

The simple version is based on the Latin and the Korean alphabet, and it's quite easy to figure out. The complex version is inspired by the Korean, Japanese and Chinese writing systems. If you look at these examples, you can see why the simpler one is more well-known among the people of this wild, dangerous world:

When creating each character, I first start with something complex, and I write it down by hand hundreds of times, so in the end it becomes something that comes naturally, and isn't tedious to write down.

You can be sure that it is going to play a part in the game. If someone takes the time and trouble to try and decrypt the characters, they might unveil in-game secrets.

That's about it for this post. Since it is so short, I didn't want to bother our proofreader, Maffy with it (by the way, Maffy, THANK YOU). I guess you already figured out that we are Hungarians, so our English isn't perfect. Sorry about that.
Have a nice day!


  1. There's no "Like" button... Outrage!! ;)
    Kudos for the effort taken for creating a fully beliavable world with a complex background and diving into such fine details as creating a full nominal symbol/code system. Depth like this makes the players sucked into the gameworld by raising the need to be perceptive towards their surroundings. This will also make them more observant towards what else this virtual dimension might hold. A+ for implementing this level of psychological foresight into your gamedesign! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Nonsense, that's what I'm here for! :> Your English is already good to begin with anyway. >;D

    Oh, bro, languages ftw! Keep up the good work, this is getting more interesting and exciting!